“The metronome sessions” is a non-profit online platform to help musicians to promote themselves.  Self-Promotion can be tricky but it’s paramount in the progression of your career and the question isn’t whether to, it’s how to!

How? Get your music recorded, put on the internet and make it as widely available as possible! If a lot of people are going to hear your recording, then it’s even more important that the recording is done in the best possible quality. It really is that simple. 🙂

So do you have a passion for music and are you struggling with smartphones, tablets, small recorders to get yourself recorded? Then we have a great offer!

What we offer

A free video recording of one piece with high quality equipment and microphones. No stress to think about the technical things like microphone placements, lighting…. We use one single camera shot because it’s really a testament to the power of the performance. By keeping the camera locked off, you can guide the audience’s attention to focus on the specific action as the performance unfolds.

You are free to use the video for auditions, to publish on your own personal website or social media platforms. With your permission, we can also publish your video on our website and share it with our community and to non musicians who just like to listen to professional recorded music.

If we make a professional recording that accurately represents your interpretation of a piece of music, and presents an image that you wish to project, you will certainly consider it a “badge of honor”. That’s why we find it important that you are able to control your own intellectual property and represent yourselves only in the way you want. It means if you are not happy with the result, it will never be published.

General conditions

The recording can take place everywhere. In a classroom, concert hall or church but even in unusual place like metro stations, city park, dance school, museum, hospital, your favorite coffee bar. We record only acoustic music so without electrical amplification.  

Recordings can be stressful sometimes. There are so many things to think about that it can quickly overload your brain. But no worries…. keeping it simple and having fun is the key. We are here to help. Send us your favorite recording in advance and we look for the proper microphones that we will capture the same quality and tonal character as your favorite the recording.

The max recording time is 4h. As we shoot with one single-camera setup and record on a digital 8-track sound recorder, editing in post production is limited. We only publish music on our platform which is copyright free.

Want to get involved?

Hopefully, “The Metronome Sessions” can contribute and inspiring people to listen to new recorded music on platforms like YouTube which is a key space of young people their media diet.

Want to get involved!? Or you have any kind of question? Send us a note… You will get an answer the same day, even on weekends or holidays.